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The Senate’s Amnesty Bill For Illegals (Rush Limbaugh Satire)

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John McCain and Lindsey Graham explain why they are pimping for the Democrats in pushing for implementation of an amnesty bill for illegal immigrants. Based on an audio skit written and performed by Paul Shanklin on t...

Riots Caused By YouTube Video? (Satire)

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The President cites Ben Bernanke in saying that the video also has adversely affected the economy. The video was based on an audio skit created for the Rush Limbaugh show.

Capitol Steps – Loonies Of The Right (Phantom Of The Opera)

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Ann Coulter and John Boehner sing about the 2010 mid-term elections. "Loonies of the Right" was written and performed by the Capitol Steps.

Chris Christie Fights His Stomach Stapling Surgery…With Chocolate

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who underwent weight loss surgery on Feb 16, 2013, sings in praise of chocolate. "Chocolate" was written and actually sung by Jesse Goldberg. Visit his website at http://www.JesseGo...

Buy, Buy American Pie – Capitol Steps

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The Chinese don't worry about deregulation nearly as much as Americans. That's because there is so little regulation to begin with. Musical political satire by the Capitol Steps.

I Don’t Know How To Login – Capitol Steps

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No health care? No problem. Just login to if you like our website, you can keep it. Musical satire and parody from the Capitol Steps.

Here’s Why Obama Just Might Be Playing More Golf Than Ever Before!

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These and other great jokes in the latest episode of NewsBusted!

Capitol Steps – “Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize”

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Hillary and Bill congratulate Barack Obama on winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009. "The Nobel Prize" was written and performed by the Capitol Steps. Visit the Capitol Steps at www.CapSteps.Com.

Capitol Steps – Obama Meets Osama

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Osama bin Laden has at long last been killed by U.S. forces in Pakistan. So now that President Obama has "definitively proven" that he was born in Hawaii, he can finally dispel those "other rumors" that have been foll...

Here’s An Ingenious Way Some Democrats Avoided Campaigning With Barack Hussein Obama!

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These and other great jokes in the latest episode of "NewsBusted"!

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