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iPhone iFake | AFV

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In this funny video by America's Funniest Home Videos, watch this little girl and her dad pull the greatest Christmas prank ever! Like this little prank? Let us know by leaving us a comment below!

Hungry Bench Prank

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Who says that only humans have an appetite? Unsuspecting people put a cake on a bench, but it looks so delicious that the bench decides to eat it all by itself!

Super Silly Snake Prank

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Sofiane is at it again! She invites people to a display to learn more about snakes, but when they open a book to learn about snakes - BOOM! SNAKE IN THE FACE!

Shaving Cream Prank FAIL

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A fail? Or double win?

High School Football Announcer Goes Insane!

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Doggy Water Bottle Prank!

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We guess this pooch was parched! But how did he get in that bottle?

Shallow Small Group Bible Study

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Does being in a small group Bible study really change anything, or is it just something to do? This funny video illustration is a challenge for small groups to use their combined time and talent to make a difference. ...

Broken ATM Prank

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Instead of getting money from an ATM, all these poor guys get is a sheet of paper. This is the worst type of fraud in action!

Bike Destruction Prank

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These folks are in such a hurry to get to the corner store that they crash their car into a bunch of parked bicycles! People feel extremely bad, almost to the point of tears.

“Magnetic Braces” Prank

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The "Just Kidding" crew created a magnet so powerful that it attracts anything made out of metal - including the braces on this poor person's mouth!

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