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Dumb Cop Fines A Horse!

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Apparently, this cop thinks he can give a horse a parking ticket. Horses are above the law, silly!

Never Ending Soup Bowl Prank

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Customers are asked to try a new soup, but they are given the longest fork ever in the deepest soup bowl that never ends. What they really need is a really long spoon!

Real Life Cartoon Prank – Portable Hole

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Remember those cartoon gags that you thought would never work in real life? Well, this one kid carries around a portable hole with him; and to the surprise of everyone, it works perfectly!

Nuts In The Face Prank!

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A handicapped man gets people to help him at a grocery store; but while they're helping him, they get a whole bunch of nuts hitting them right in the face.

Hilarious “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Trailer Spoof

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The budget for Star Wars Episode VII was $200 Million...all these guys had was willpower and half a pack of oreos.

Redneck Camping Guide

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Originality at its finest...

Lint Roller Fail

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This lint roller won't work as advertised on TV infomercials. Instead of removing lint, it just paints your shirts red. This way, people won't notice the lint--for all they see are the huge red lines on your back first.

Going Bananas Prank

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This banana stand has a VERY surprising mascot - a grabby gorilla!

Jumping In The Jellybeans

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This candy store has way too many jellybeans. They should open the world's sweetest swimming pool!

Extreme Cold Pack Prank

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Wanna cool down in the summer? Be careful what you wish for!

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